New Brunswick
Housing Authority
7 Van Dyke Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
tel: 732.745.5157
fax: 732.253.7799

NBHA Redevelopment

The New Brunswick Housing and Redevelopment Authority (NBHA) acts as the Redevelopment Authority for the City of New Brunswick. The NBHA coordinates and oversees all redevelopment projects that enhance the City of New Brunswick.

The NBHA creates valuable partnerships and fosters collaboration to leverage both public and private resources for project development. We focus our efforts into development initiatives where the community is an active participant in improving their neighborhoods.

We provide valued technical assistance and support that builds community capacity by strengthening neighborhood cultures. This attracts and maintains development opportunities to sustain neighborhoods. As the Redevelopment Authority, the NBHA works with community leaders and developers to complete revitalization projects that create economic development opportunities within the City of New Brunswick.