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Section 3

"Section 3" is the popular name of a HUD requirement that ensures that employment, job training and other economic opportunities are provided to public housing residents and certain targeted individuals by HUD financial assistance

Section 3 ensures that the residents, located in the area where Federal Assistance is being provided for housing and community development opportunities, have the opportunity to participate in the community revitalization. This is most often in the form of employment opportunities, but it can also be through other economic opportunities.

The NBHA maintains a Section 3 list, and actively seeks out employment opportunities for the residents on that list. The NBHA has other resident training programs that provide residents with job training opportunities that will better prepare residents for a job placement when one is available. For more information about NBHA Resident Services click here. While the NBHA makes every reasonable attempt to make job connections for residents, unfortunately, being on the Section 3 list does not guarantee a job placement.

The priorities for NBHA's Section 3 list (in order) are as follows:

1. Current Public Housing residents
2. Residents of public housing in other communities in Middlesex, Hunterdon and Somerset Counties
3. Low-income residents of New Brunswick

The Section 3 list is separated into employment categories, and then broken down by priority and date application was received.

For more information, or to apply, please call 732-745-5156.

Download the application here.

Applications must be delivered to:

By mail or in person:

Section 3 Department - Dan Toto
New Brunswick Housing Authority
7 Van Dyke Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

By Fax:

For More information, please visit or

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